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Primary Relief neurostimulator demonstration

When patients come in for a Primary Relief® treatment, they see a conveniently packaged system powered by a hand-held device that appears to be little more than a common mobile phone.

That deceptively small device offers a wide-range of...

DyAnsys Symposium

9th International Auriculotherapy Symposium Offers New Insights and Scientific Update

Insights from DyAnsys Chief Executive Srini Nageshwar 

In recent years, pioneers in...


Health Care Leaders Call for Accelerated Research to End Opioid Crisis      

National Institutes of Health leaders took a remarkable step recently in calling for an “all scientific hands on deck” to end the opioid crisis. They rightly identified a multi-pronged approach...

ANSiscope demonstration

Health care providers can learn more about the condition of their patients and monitor the effectiveness of various treatments by measuring the Autonomic Nervous System.

The challenge has been that most measurements of the ANS are based on a compilation of various measurements. The...

DyAnsys Conference

Revelations from Primary Relief® Development and Treatment Opportunities

Insights into discoveries made during the development of a non-narcotic pain treatment system along with comprehensive information on how to optimally use the latest version were revealed...


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