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What is this thing called the Autonomic Nervous System?

This is a very important component of the nervous system in the body. It works in the background and is responsible for almost everything that goes in inside your body that you don't consciously control.

The ANS (...

This is a very well known fact. The attached paper reviews the current knowledge about treating autonomic neuropathy. Autonomic neuropathy is probably the most serious complication of diabetes.


It is very frustrating to find out that some complications of diabetes are not understood at all. If they are not understood how can they be treated?

First off there are TWO kinds of neuropathy

1. Sensory neuropathy often referred to as plain neuropathy (WHICH IS WRONG) since...

While doing the clinical trials and having two populations to compare against, we were actually looking for issues with the nervous systems.

This was when I discovered from quite a few endocrinologists that even though there is no cure for diabetes, it is actually the complications of...


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