Drug Relief®

Drug Relief®

The DrugRelief® percutaneous electrical nerve field stimulator (PNFS) is designed to administer auricular neurostimulation treatment over 120 hours. Stimulation is performed by sending electrical pulses emitted through needles strategically positioned in the ear. The ear provides numerous points for stimulation within a small area.

DrugRelief® neurostimulation therapy is used mainly to reduce the symptoms of drug withdrawal during detoxification. Drug Relief® therapy allows continuous neurostimulation over a period of 5 days while offering the patient a high degree of comfort and mobility. Use of the Drug Relief® therapy allows for a minimized use of opioid agonist treatment and in some cases may eliminate it.  

DrugRelief® devices come packaged 5 to a box.

Basic Unit Characteristics



Device Name or Model

Drug Relief®


DyAnsys® India Private Ltd

Number, Size and type of batteries

Three Zinc air Battery

Average DC current through electrodes when device is on but no pulse are being applied

<70 micro Amp

Number of output modes

One  (Rectangular Wave)

Number of Output Channels

Synchronous or alternating?


Method of channel isolation?

RC filter Isolation

Regulated Current or Regulated voltage?

DC constant Volts

Software/Firmware/ Microprocessor Control?

Microcontroller flash with internal oscillator 0.5MHz

Automatic Overload Trip?


Automatic No- Load Trip?


Automatic Shut off?


Used Override Control?


Indicator Display

On/ off Status?


Low Battery?


Voltage/ Current Level?


Timer Range (minutes)

180 minutes

Compliance with Voluntary Standards?


Compliance with 21 CFR 898


Weight (lb., oz)

1.1 lbs

Dimensions (in.) [H x W x D]


Housing Materials and Construction

ABS plastic Enclosure with medical grade

Output Specification



Mode or Program Name

Opiate withdrawal

Waveform (e.g., Pulsed monophasic, biphasic)

Biphasic (Alternative pulse)

Shape (e.g., rectangular wave)

2.02 V Amplitude @ 500Ω

2.64 V Amplitude @ 1 KΩ

3.2 V Amplitude
@ 10 KΩ

Maximum Output Voltage (volts) (+/- _20___%)

20mV @ 500Ω

18mV @ 2 KΩ

13mV @ 10 KΩ

Duration of primary (depolarizing) Phase (msec)


Pulse Duration (sec)


Frequency (Hz) or Rate (pps)

1 -10Hz

For multiphasic waveforms only:

symmetrical phases?



Phase Duration  (include units) (states range, if applicable) (both phases, if asymmetrical)


Net Charge (microcoulombs (mc) per pulse) (if zero, state method of achieving zero net charge


Maximum Phase Charge, (mc)


Maximum Current Density, (mA/cm², r.m.s.)


Maximum Average Power Density, (W/cm²), (using smallest electrode conductive surface area)


Burst Mode (i.e., pulse trains):

(a) Pulses per burst

10800 pulse @ 500Ω


(b) Bursts per second

0.000093 @ 500Ω


(c) Burst duration (seconds)

10800 @ 500Ω


(d) Duty Cycle [Line (b) X Line (c)]

1000 Pulses @ 500Ω

ON Time (Seconds)


OFF Time (Seconds)




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