According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 26 million adults and children in the United States have diabetes. The Association estimates that nearly 79 million Americans are afflicted with pre-diabetes. Further, it is estimated that 60-70% of those with diabetes suffer with some form of diabetic neuropathy, which is a severe and painful complication of diabetes.

While testing to detect diabetic neuropathy is still in its early stages, the ANSiscope® device provides the capability to diagnose diabetic neuropathy early in the disease process, and can provide a baseline to determine whether the neuropathy is stabilizing or becoming worse with time. Earlier detection of diabetic neuropathy can help physicians determine a course of treatment to aid in the patient’s functionality and health over time.

DyAnsys has published a book entitled “The Detection, Treatment & Monitoring of Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy” based on the experiences of doctors in India who have been using our product (The ANSiscope® device) to reverse autonomic neuropathy.

The American Diabetic Association has incorporated HRV testing (which is at the base level of DyAnsys specialties) at onset of diabetes as part of its standards of care since 2006.

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