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The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is not very well known. In fact, currently there are no recognized medical textbooks related to the ANS. Much of the reason for this is that there had been no sophisticated tool to determine the behavior of the autonomic nervous system in real time.

There are very few excellent studies related to chronic pain. Again the reason is that there has been no objective way to quantify pain. Read "Doctors' Challenge: How Real Is That Pain?" here.

Since chronic pain unbalances the ANS it is possible to use the ANS measurement as a surrogate measure of pain.

The DyAnsys ANSiscope® device solves both problems, making it possible to determine the sympathetic and parasympathetic responses and sympathovagal balance at every heartbeat. It is now possible to truly determine the behavior of the ANS under various conditions. DyAnsys is committed to furthering the medical community's knowledge about the ANS, and supports clinical research that utilizes the ANSiscope® device and its various applications, including chronic pain.

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