Early History

DyAnsys began as a research project in Geneva, Switzerland in October 2001. The miniaturization of computing technology allowed the incorporation of very sophisticated mathematical analysis into medical instrumentation. This was the focus of the company from the beginning.

Once the company demonstrated an ability to make a fundamental contribution in monitoring the ANS, DyAnsys was incorporated in the United States in August 2003. DyAnsys Europe SARL, responsible for the company’s marketing activities in Europe, was incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland in May 2005. DyAnsys India Pvt. LTD., responsible for the company’s WW operations and Middle East & Asia/Pacific sales, was incorporated in Chennai, India in June 2005.

In August 2006, DyAnsys received a patent on a unique accurate Heart Rate Variability (HRV) approach to monitoring the ANS on a beat-to-beat basis. The company holds patents in all the key markets. The company got its first FDA clearance for the ANSiscope® in August 2007 and soon after the CE Mark approval in Europe. These milestones were integral to the company’s new product development process.

DyAnsys was looking for vertical markets in which ANS measurement could be a major contributor.

Diabetes was the first such market investigated. Unfortunately, Diabetes is not a curable disease. Because of this, doctors were reluctant to add another measurement to their diagnosis, especially when patients were not being compliant anyway. As we contemplated other vertical markets, chronic pain looked promising because when someone suffers from chronic pain, the ANS is out of balance. Measuring the ANS, therefore, provides an indication of the pain. We saw an opportunity to contribute by combining ANS monitoring with a non-narcotic treatment for chronic pain. For the treatment, auricular neurostimulation provided a promising technique.

DyAnsys launched into developing products for auricular neurostimulation in 2012. Since then, multiple generations of the product have been developed and cleared by the FDA and the CE mark notified bodies. DyAnsys continues to add capabilities and features to the device as improved components become available for the wearable market.

DyAnsys plans to investigate the use of ANS Monitoring in Anesthesiology (to shed light on the depth of anesthesia), Fetal Heart Monitoring (to understand the fetal autonomic nervous system) among other applications.