ECScope 100™

ECScope 100™ 12 lead Portable ECG recording device acquires 12 (3 limb leads, 3 derived augmented leads and 6 chest leads) lead ECG signal and records all leads simultaneously.

Data acquisition

Standard leads acquired: I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V1 to V6 12 Leads simultaneous (5 -12... Read More
Auricular Neurostimulation Poster

Auricular Neurostimulation points

This 24” x 36” poster features ear maps depicting:

Master points and landmarks Muskuloskeletal points Internal organ and neuroendocrine points Auricular nerve map and frequency zones

Each ear map is overlaid with the auricular nerve map to show... Read More

The Autonomic Nervous System Poster

The Autonomic Nervous System Poster

This poster and frame provides an overview of the sympathetic and parasympathetic subsystems of the Autonomic Nervous System and shows the organs that each is innervating. There is also a concise explanation of the key functions of the Autonomic Nervous... Read More

Auriculotherapy Manual, DyAnsys Edition

The Auriculotherapy Manual, DyAnsys Edition, offers an in-depth evaluation of the theoretical and clinical underpinnings of auriculotherapy describing and illustrating over 200 auricular stimulation points and more than 200 auricular percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (PENS) treatment... Read More