Device Enables Accurate Autonomic Nervous System Monitoring

ANSiscope demonstration

Health care providers can learn more about the condition of their patients and monitor the effectiveness of various treatments by measuring the Autonomic Nervous System.

The challenge has been that most measurements of the ANS are based on a compilation of various measurements. The ANSiscope made by DyAnsys offers a more accurate and easy-to-use alternative. The device measures the ANS on a beat-to-beat basis, which is quick, accurate and useful. It can be used as part of the Primary Relief® system to treat chronic pain without narcotics or as a standalone reimbursable measurement.

The ANSiscope measurement is taken with the patient prone and in a quiet state. Even a simple distraction such as a mobile phone ringing can cause a reaction that will interfere with the results. Obtaining an accurate measurement generally takes less than ten minutes.

This measurement is useful in determining which patients will respond best to the Primary Relief® neurostimulation treatment as well as their progress throughout the treatment.

With the ANSiscope, chiropractors can program the stimulation parameters of the Primary Relief system. This allows for the device to be worn seven days, an increase of three days per round of treatment, which should increase the treatment efficacy. For example, in the case of five rounds of treatments, the seven-day stimulation would yield 35 days of total stimulation compared to only 20 days with the four-day stimulation.

The comprehensive First® system provides an indication of where electrodes should be placed based on measurements from the ANSiscope along with input on what condition is being treated. The system also includes a device that helps to determine the correct positioning on the ear by indicating points of high and low resistance.

Throughout the course of treatment, the same condition should be targeted even if the patient reports a reduction in pain. This ensures the treatment will be long-lasting.


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