Mission & Vision


Improve the quality of life of individuals, enabling them to lead healthy, pain-free fulfilling lives



  • Apply the disciplines of engineering and mathematics to provide unique devices that make a cost-effective contribution to the healthcare market. 
  • Establish a medical device company following the example set by the computer industry, of riding the price-volume curve to make our products more affordable for developed and emerging markets.
  • Provide a working environment for our employees that promotes trust and respect, focuses on a high-level of achievement and contribution, encourages flexibility and innovation, and allows us to achieve common objectives through teamwork with uncompromising integrity.

Mission and Vision in Practice

The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is fundamental to everything we do. We are focused on developing and marketing diagnostic products that measure the ANS and reduce dysfunction while developing and marketing treatment products that provide vagal stimulation.


  • A balanced autonomic nervous system: Improving and preserving health and wellness is a matter of reducing autonomic dysfunction and ensuring that the ANS is in balance. The foundation of being able to ensure a balanced system is having an accurate measurement to show changes. We have developed the most accurate technique to measure the ANS. And, we are working to make this more accessible so that it can be used not only in a doctor’s office but also in daily life by an individual at home.  We are committed to implementing product development and marketing programs to achieve this.

  • Effective and affordable solutions for pain treatment: It has been demonstrated that vagal stimulation is appropriate for treating pain. We are working on showing that vagal stimulation via the ear achieves the same effect as invasive vagal stimulation elsewhere, which will make this minimally invasive treatment applicable to a much wider range of patients.