Pain Management

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It is estimated that over 100 million American adults suffer from chronic pain. While short-lived pain is a warning signal to stop something that is harmful to the body, long-term pain causes that alarm to keep sounding and produce pain long after the original cause is gone.

Some experts believe that this may be due to issues in the central nervous system of the body. While there are many treatments used for chronic pain, many simply cover up the pain for a short time, and then result in the pain returning.

DyAnsys® is proud to offer a pain management treatment that is non-narcotic with minimal side affects called the ANSiscope®/Primary Relief Solution.

The Primary Relief is a combination of permanent very fine needles and electrical stimulation. When used with the Primary Relief, it is possible to provide chronic pain management and monitor how the patient's symptoms improve over time.

What is the Primary Relief?

The Primary Relief is a wearable device that is designed to administer continuous pulses of a low-level electrical current at the ear over several days. This is called Point Stimulation Therapy, or P-stim. Electrical pulses are emitted through three selectively positioned Primary Relief needles.

The Primary Relief is based on cranial electrical stimulation (CES), which has been well researched since the 1950s. Cranial electrical stimulation, combined with auricular therapy, has been shown to reduce the symptoms of chronic pain and depression. The key to this relief is the stimulation and release of endorphins, the body’s natural opiates; these opiates assist with the increase in blood flow to affected tissues, resulting in the reduction of pain symptoms. This unique combination of permanent acupuncture-like needles and electrical stimulation has been shown to significantly reduce pain symptoms.

The Primary Relief is minimally invasive and has little or no side effects.

Some experts believe that people who experience chronic pain have a malfunction in their nervous system that creates overstimulation of the nerves, and causes the chronic pain symptoms. The Primary Relief works to essentially reprogram the body and reroute the pain signals to alleviate chronic pain.