The Founding Team

The founders come from outside the health care industry and have brought “out-of-the-box” thinking to the medical device world. They have complementary skills and knowledge to make engineering and mathematics the cornerstone of DyAnsys’ health care contribution.

Srini Nageshwar (1942-2023)

Srini Nageshwar, an electrical engineer by training, has been CEO of DyAnsys since its inception and has guided its development and growth through the many twists and turns that startups go through before focusing on solving the opioid crisis in the US (primarily) and the rest of the world.

Srini graduated in the first batch of IIT Madras, an institutional system in India, that Lesley Stahl in a CBS 60 minutes segment termed the most difficult engineering institution in the world to get into. She noted, ”Put Harvard, MIT and Princeton together and you begin to get an idea of the status of IITs in India.” He joined Hewlett-Packard immediately and spent the first 25 years of his career there before completing his computer industry stint in 2000 with Iomega.

Srini had an exceptional career in the computer industry being part of some key industry breakthroughs including desktop computing in the 1970’s, standardization of the 3 ½” floppy disc in early 1982, introduction of the HP LaserJet in April 1984, introduction of the Iomega Zip drive in 1995, among others. Everything that he has been involved in has been an industry game changer.

Melvyn Lafitte

Melvyn Lafitte

M. J. Lafitte is a mathematician known for his work in renormalization group theory, chaos theory, fractal geometry, empirical modeling, time series prediction and machine learning. Melvyn met Srini at the FONGIT in Geneva in 2001. They figured that the time was ripe to apply mathematics to extract hitherto unextracted information from the body. They realized that the powerful mathematical techniques that Melvyn knew could be implemented in more powerful processors that were becoming available, with which Srini was familiar.

Together with Srini , he played a key role in pioneering new mathematical ways to extract causal information from the R-R intervals of the ECG and thus eavesdrop on the somatic afferent pathway of the autonomic nervous system and its two efferent limbs, the sympathetic and the parasympathetic.

In addition to neurophysiology, Melvyn has imparted his taste for inference and avoidance of models to particle physics, astronomy, meteorology, climatology, and finance.

Melvyn mentors and coaches the R&D team in DyAnsys. He still inspires new product development.

Krishnamoorthy Murugesh

Krishnamoorthy Murugesh

Krishnamoorthy Murugesh, a mechanical engineer by training, has been involved with DyAnsys India since its inception in 2005 and was responsible for setting up its manufacturing capability, including a strong supply base. As the operational arm of DyAnsys, it is crucial for DyAnsys India to have strong manufacturing, development and regulatory capability. Murugesh is a champion of Quality Management Systems and has played a key role in obtaining various quality certifications including ISO 13485 and CE and FDA 510(K) clearance for products. The facility is audited regularly and meets or exceeds the standards. Murugesh is a Six Sigma black belt, which has helped in setting the process and quality mentality in the facility.

Murugesh was instrumental in developing and manufacturing the auricular neurostimulator. Over 90% of the parts used are unique to the product and had to be developed, tooled and put into volume production, all in India. The parts involve tight tolerances and some solutions have been found through suppliers to the watchmaking industry, which is thriving in India.

Murugesh graduated from BITS Pilani, a top 10 engineering institution in India, and earned a Master’s in Business Administration from IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University). He started his carrier at Whirlpool home appliances, a global leader in white goods. He had roles in procurement, manufacturing engineering, quality management systems, six sigma, environment and safety. He was part of the team that helped to build strong manufacturing facilities including capacity ramp ups with a strong supply base. He was also part of the team that obtained various quality certifications for the plant.