An Inside Look at Product Development and Patient Safety at DyAnsys

Primary Relief neurostimulator demonstration

When patients come in for a Primary Relief® treatment, they see a conveniently packaged system powered by a hand-held device that appears to be little more than a common mobile phone.

That deceptively small device offers a wide-range of monitoring and record keeping options. And, the entire system is easy to use and can bring relief for chronic pain, back pain, neck pain, joint pain, fibromyalgia, migraines and more within just a few treatments.

What the patient doesn’t see is the extensive ongoing research, development and delivery process behind the system. This lengthy, complex process is designed to bring consistent improvements in care. At every step from initial concept through delivery, the team at DyAnsys is committed to providing the best options for patients.

This Q&A with DyAnsys CEO Srini Nageshwar offers a behind-the-scenes look at how the team creates new products and ensures the high quality of those that are already available.

How does DyAnsys approach product development?

It is important to understand that the process of delivery of a medical device is very involved and there are many hurdles and obstacles to overcome before a device can be successfully applied on a patient.

At DyAnsys, we approach product development at two levels. First, we are working on new devices and second, we look to improve those already on the market.

New devices emerge as more improved components are available and as we increase the capacity for signal analysis techniques and identify gaps in market offerings that we may be uniquely qualified to fill.

Even once a product is on the market, however, we believe it’s necessary to continue to work on it. These improvements may extend the capabilities of the device or make it easier to use. The improvements are driven by scientific break throughs along with user experience.

We continuously talk with providers about how things are working in the field and gather their ideas and suggestions for ways to make things better. We diligently record what they tell us and incorporate their insights as we make changes.

What is the process of development and testing at DyAnsys?

We are always working on gaining insights into what our technology is capable of, but this is really only the beginning of the process. What matters most is not what we can do but how it can make a difference for providers and patients. We really focus on how our technology can be used to address real needs.

Before we begin product development we generate two documents. The first one is what we call an external reference specification. This defines the product that the customer will receive. The second document is an internal reference specification. This specifies how the product defined how we will develop the product described in the external reference specification. This usually provides the basis for any patient applications resulting out of the development.

How do you make your products practical and useful?

As we develop our products, we strive to make them both easy to use and easy to learn to use.

We are taking a page out of Apple’s book. We are now starting to use Apple Macs in our company and using them to gain some pointers in user interface design. This will be very critical in medical product development in future because we need providers to be able to use our products in their offices. Our products need to be intuitive to use much like Apple products.

We also want to make our products affordable. We have taken steps to use as many components from the computer and cellphone industries as possible to ride their cost curve. Our dream is to ride the price-volume curve the way computer products do. This has never been done in the health care industry.

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