Why did a computer geek get involved in Health Care?

I ask myself, this too. Very often, now. These two industries are VERY different.

There comes a time in life when you introspect and wonder what you have done.It is great to have been part of many computer industry breakthroughs but in the final analysis you have done things for other businesses.

When given the chance to do something in health care, you think, gosh, I can use my knowledge to directly help people.

The timing seemed very right. Basic information acquired from the body like blood pressure, ECGs, stethoscope signals are actually very rich in information.

However, very little information has been extracted from them. You ask yourself why?

My simple explanation is that mathematics has never really played a role in medicine, the way it has played a role in engineering. Somehow math and physics seem to go along with engineering. There seems to be more affinity for chemistry with medicine due to all the pharmacology.

The divide between math and medicine needs to be bridged for big breakthroughs to be made in medicine, especially as it relates to home care.

I'll tell you more as we go along. This will be an interesting journey. Please stay with me.


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