Understanding the Autonomic Nervous System

DyAnsys Conference

Revelations from Primary Relief® Development and Treatment Opportunities

Insights into discoveries made during the development of a non-narcotic pain treatment system along with comprehensive information on how to optimally use the latest version were revealed recently at the First Annual Neurostimulation and Pain Management Conference for Integrated Practices.

The system developed by DyAnsys Inc. offers chiropractors an additional treatment option for patients that has been shown to be highly effective with no side effects. The system includes monitoring and testing components that make it easier to use.

In an introduction to the conference, product developers explained what they have learned as they added more functionality to the ANSiscope, a device for monitoring the autonomic nervous system.

Historically, for example, the understanding of the ANS is that it can be compared to a car with the sympathetic nervous system being the accelerator and the parasympathetic being the brakes. But new, more detailed information obtained with beat-to-beat monitoring capabilities showed that it is more like the accelerator alone. Both sub-systems are coactivated. In this image, it is more like a foot on the gas pedal. As the foot presses, the sympathetic system is stimulated. As the foot lifts off the gas, the parasympathetic system is stimulated. There were more insights like this. The developers confirmed some of the conventional wisdom regarding the ANS while correcting some others like the accelerator/brake metaphor.

Understanding the ANS is important to the treatment of chronic pain because when a patient has chronic pain, often the ANS is out of balance. As the patient improves, the balance is restored. Knowing more about the ANS and how it functions helps in monitoring the condition of the patient and treatments.


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