Papers & Publications

Evaluation of a Novel Non Model Driven Assessment of Cardiac Autonomic Activity : Effects of Selective Pharmacological Blockade

R. Schondorf, J. Benoit, M. Genoulaz, M.J. Lafitte, J.A. Taylor

Cardiovagal and Cardiac Sympathetic Coactivation During the Valsalva Maneuver

Ronald Schondorf, Julie Benoit, Marion Genoulaz, Melvyn J. Lafitte

A new method to assess the Sympathovagal Balance on a Beat - to - Beat Basis

M. Zimmermann, O. Sauvageot, M. Lafitte, M Fevre-Genoulaz

Reducing/Eliminating the risk of cardiovascular disease in India due to diabetes and other causes

Srini Nageshwar

Measuring and scoring cardiac autonomic neuropathy : a first comparison in diabetes

M. Fevre-Genoulaz, M.J. Lafitte, S.S. Srikanta