Knowing about wellness

I first became aware of the incongruity between people feeling well and then succumbing when I heard about the runner Jim Fixx in 1984.

Here was somebody doing all the right things and then collapsing. Subsequently I have heard of others who would be the last people one would suspect of having a heart attack.

Somehow the link between being in good shape (outwardly) and being healthy (all systems working perfectly) seems to be somewhat tenuous.

In the meantime I also found that the whole area of health and wellness is a huge business. Tons of money ( at least $172 billion in 2009) are spent in all the efforts.

How can we figure out if we really are well? There also seems to be a connection between both mind and body being well.

I am engaging with this aspect of wellness – currently and would love to have a dialog with others. I am sure there are many others who have thought about this aspect and done their own researches also.


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