About DyAnsys & Our Products

About DyAnsys

DyAnsys began as a research project in Geneva, Switzerland in October 2001. Both founders - Srini Nageshwar and Melvyn Lafitte – come from outside the health care industry, and were able to bring “out-of-the-box” thinking to the medical device world. Srini had an exceptional career in the computer industry being part of some key industry breakthroughs – desktop computing in the 1970’s, standardization of the 3 ½” floppy disc in early 1982, introduction of the HP LaserJet in April 1984, introduction of the Iomega Zip drive in 1995…just to name a few. The miniaturization of computing technology allows the incorporation of very sophisticated mathematical analysis into medical instrumentation. Both Melvyn and Srini bring the requisite skills and knowledge to make this the cornerstone of DyAnsys’ health care contribution.

After it was determined that the company was making a fundamental contribution in monitoring the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), DyAnsys was incorporated in the United States in August 2003. DyAnsys Europe SARL (responsible for the company’s marketing activities in Europe) was incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland in May 2005. DyAnsys India Pvt. LTD., (responsible for the company’s WW operations and Middle East & Asia/Pacific sales) was incorporated in Chennai, India in June 2005.

In August 2006, DyAnsys received a patent on a unique and very accurate Heart Rate Variability (HRV) approach to monitoring the ANS on a beat-to-beat basis. The company holds patents in all the key markets. The company got its first FDA clearance for the ANSiscope® in August 2007. Achieving FDA clearance and CE Mark approval in Europe is integral to the company’s new product development process.

Today DyAnsys Inc. is a global company, headquartered in the Silicon Valley (California, USA), and is led by a worldwide team of professionals drawn from the medical, mathematical and IT fields who are working hard to make DyAnsys a worldwide leader in providing advanced medical diagnostic and monitoring systems to clinicians in individual practices and hospitals. By using sophisticated mathematical analysis of the ECG and other electrical signals, DyAnsys applications focus on chronic and acute pain, anesthesia, diabetes, and fetal heart monitoring.

Our Products

The ANSiscope was the first DyAnsys product, followed by our ECscope™ series of ECG machines. We have recently added the ANSiStim® non-narcotic point stimulation therapy (P-stim) device for treatment of chronic pain to our product line.

Please e-mail us at customer.contact@dyansys.com or call us at 888-950-4321 to request more information on ANSiscope, ANSiStim®, and ECscope devices for chronic & acute pain, diabetes, anesthesia and fetal heart monitoring.