DyAnsys FHM Fetal Heart/Maternal Monitor

DyAnsys FHM Fetal Heart/Maternal Monitor (not yet available for sale in the US)

(Not yet available for sale in the US) The DyAnsys FHM is a state-of-the-art fetal/maternal monitor, offering a powerful solution for intrapartum fetal monitoring requirements in clinics and hospitals, during labor and delivery and for antepartum monitoring of high-risk patients.

It also contains a built in ANSiscope Plus Vital measurements/monitoring system so that the monitor can be used for Patient and Fetal monitoring.

With a cutting-edge feature set, including advanced transducers, wireless maternal vital signs monitoring using a wrist monitor, high quality signal processing, and a touchscreeninterface (using an external monitor), the DyAnsys FHM sets new standards forperformance, flexibility, convenience, and ease of use.


The DyAnsys FHM lets you monitor and document:

  • Up to two fetal heart rates externally using Ultrasound
  • DECG including ECG waveform display and Fetal ANS using fetal scalp electrodesUterine activity externally, or intrauterine pressure internally
  • Maternal vital signs parameters including ECG and maternal ANS (Autonomic nervoussystem) with waveform and numeric display.
  • 12 lead maternal ECG with interpretation
  • Maternal blood pressure, pulse oximetry, temperature and ANS

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